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BRMT Kinisobag© Complementary Set - according to Dr. Harald Blomberg


The Kinisobags are used for kinesiological and isometric testing and treatment in the "Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training" by Dr. Harald Blomberg from Sweden. They are filled with fire-dried crystalline quartz sand (S02), double-welded and equipped with various supplement substances. They are placed on the clients body during reflex integration work, to stimulate and accelerate the process of reflex integration.

By placing the Kinisobags on the weak testing muscle groups, the neurological pathways in the weak testing muscle groups are immediately stimulated (by the new formation of synapses) and the client is thereby, in a short time, able to maintain the reflex position.

Through testing and treatment with the help of the Kinisobags, the practitioner can determine the deficiency state of a supplement in the client and provide an appropriate recommendation.

You will find the filling and the color coding of the Kinisobags in the following table:



The Kinisobags are made of 100% linen, tear-resistant, durable and washable under a warm water jet. The Kinisobags have a size of approx. 10 cm x 9 cm and are available individually or as sets at:

For more information regarding "Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training" by Dr. Harald Blomberg and Eva Johansson in English language, please visit:


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