Lokta Paper Lampshade - Island natur brown

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Lokta Paper Lampshade - Island nature brown

handmade paper - beautiful design - warm light - made in Nepal

Lokta Paper, ca. 28 cm x 29 cm

This lampshade is made from Lokta paper, handmade in Nepal. Lokta paper is made from the pulped bark of the Lokta plant, which grows at an altitude of 6 - 10 thousand feet in the Himalayas. Harvesting Lokta is environmentally sound and provides work for the mountain people. The light shines through the translucent paper, bringing to life the beautiful design.

Handmade Lokta paper is crafted in the traditional way from the bark of Daphne Cannabina, commonly known as LOKTA among Nepalese, an under-storey shrub which grows in the mountains of Nepal. Handmade Lokta paper crafting is an ancient art that has remained unchanged for over 2000 years. Handmade Lokta paper is acid free and environmental friendly.

It is extremely durable and that is one reason why government offices in Nepal are still using them for all the official documentations. The Lokta paper is gathered and processed in an ecologically sound way and is renowned for its exceptional durability, natural resistance to insect attacks and special textures.

Note: The Lokta lampshades come without fittings. You can find suitable fittings in the section Lokta Lamp Shade - Acessories



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