BioSonics Modal Spektrum Upgrade Set

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BioSonics Modal Spectrum Upgrade Set (Set of 5 in Velvet Bag)

Modes are ancient scales that sonically color the mind of the listener through subtle shifts in tone color.

The modal spectrum upgrade is a set of 5 forks in a beautiful kelly green bag . These modes present the ancient Greek scales called Dorian, Ionian, Aeolian, Locian, Phrygian, Lydian, and Mixolydian. These modes are ambient fields of sound containing thousands of changing harmonic colors.

Mindfully listening to a mode activates a healing response within yourself based on the healing qualities associated with each mode.

The Modes

Ionian (Mercury) C D E F G A B
To inspire clear communication and putting together thoughts to reflect inner vision.

Dorian (Sun) C D Eb F G A Bb
To awaken and clear the mind – good in morning. It was the most used mode in Gregorian chant.

Phrygian (Mars) C Db Eb F G Ab Bb
To awaken motivation and drive to reach a goal.

Lydian (Jupiter) C D E F# G A B
To promote good feelings, happiness, and a sense of celebration of life.

Mixolydian (Saturn) C D E F G A Bb
To support increased focus and clarity.

Aeolian (Venus) C D Eb F G Ab Bb
To stimulate artistic creativity through quite dreamy / reflective moods.

Locrian (Moon) C Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb
To calm down after a stressful day and to promote good sleep and dreaming.

Creating Modes for Is Simple
To create a mode begin with the Solar Harmonic Spectrum™ tuning forks. Next take out a tone and replace it with a modal tone as shown above. For example, to create the Dorian mode take out E and B and replace them with Eb and Bb. To create the Lydian mode take out F and replace it with F#. Always tap the tuning forks with C256.



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