JOYA® Massageroller Classic Birchwood with Jasper red 30 mm

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JOYA® Massageroller Classic made of birchwood with gemstone ball 30 mm Jasper red 30 mm

• brings dynamism and energy
• promotes will-power, assertiveness and courage
• Helps with Low blood pressure, Tiredness & Exhaustion, Liver, Kidneys
Zodiac Sign: Aries, Libra
Chakra: Base

The Joya Massage Roller Set consists of:

  • 1 Joya wooden holder made of birchwood
  • 1 Joya gemstone ball 30 mm calibrated
  • 1 Joya sucker for changing the gemstone
  • 1 Joya cotton bag
  • 1 Joya instruction booklet in german language



The JOYA Massage Roller consits of a wooden holder in which a gemstone ball rotates freely. The holder and the gemstone ball were made to complement each others precisely.

The JOYA roller is the ideal massage tool for surface and targeted massages. It creates an entirely new massage experience for both the masseur and the person receiving the massage.


Gemstones are pure, concentrated energy. They affect our being through their vibrations and colours, strengthen our aura and activate the inner balance. Gemstones bring their positive energies to bear on various physical and psychic conditions. The most obvious method of treatment with gemstones is to wear them on your body.

This method is independent of both bodily pain and mental stress, and simply allows the stone to affect our being in its pure form. Another effective method of gemstone treatment is to place the stone on or move it along areas where a spiritual problem has found its bodily manifestation, or where simple physical pain exists.


The basic movements of the Joya massage techniques consist of stroking, circling, kneading, walking and rubbing.


  • Stroking: In stroking, the Joya is moved over the body with light pressure using short or long strokes, in straight lines or in tight or wide arcs. Stroking serves to relax and warm all regions of the body and can be carried out either with a single roller or with two rollers simultaneously.
  • Circling: In circling, the Joya is moved over the body with light pressure in tight or wide circles. Smaller, quicker circular motions have stimulatory effect, whereas slower movements are calming and balancing.
  • Kneading: Kneading involves straight or circular motions carried out under rhythmic pressure. The rhythm of pressing and releasing creates the actual kneading effect, which penetrates deeper into the tissue and musculature. Kneading with two rollers is particularly intensive, as muscle strands can be worked on from both sides at once. Kneading movements ease tension and promote blood circulation.
  • Walking: Walking works on deeper tissue levels or muscle strands through pushing back and forth movements with one or two rollers. The pressure on the roller must be increased significantly to penetrate to the deeper levels. This deep effect eases strong tension and also promotes blood circulation.
  • Rubbing: In this technique, very small, tight circular motions are made under firm pressure. This massage concentrates more or less on a single point, and can draw out knots and swelling. Of all the techniques, rubbing achieves the deepest effect. For this reason, rubbing should only be used when the area has already been relaxed and warmed through the other massage movements.

Our tip: All of the movements listed above may be adapted depending on the part of the body and the goal of the massage. You thus have the freedom to create your own repertoire of massage movements and dive ever deeper into the art of the Joya massage!

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