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Seminars with Dr. John Beaulieu in Europe 2023


For the year 2023, no Workshops are planned in Europe


Seminars with Dr. John Beaulieu 2022 in Europe 
take place in Zürich/Switzerland

More info about the seminars in Zürich you will find at:


Seminars with Dr. John Beaulieu in Europe 2021


For the year 2021, no Workshops are yet planned in Europe


Seminars with Dr. John Beaulieu in Europe 2020


For the year 2020, no Workshops are planned in Europe


Seminars with Dr. John Beaulieu in Europe 2019


Workshops with Dr. John Beaulieu 2019 in Kirchzarten/Germany

Thursday, 14.3.2019, 19.00 - ca. 21.00 h
Kurhaus Kirchzarten, Cost: 28,- EUR

A Human TuneIn™ sound healing event

is performed with precisely tuned BioSonic tuning forks to create sounds for healing, expansion of consciousness, and exploration of sonic realities. A Human TuneIn™ event is different than a normal concert. During this concert, within the limits of the space, you can sit, lie down, and/or move around at any time. During a Human TuneIn™ event, the sound healers move around the room and tap specially tuned BioSonic tuning forks. They tune into the energy of the group with the intention to create quality healing sounds. They use their intuition to move their tuning forks in different patterns based on their sense of the energy in the room. At any time they may tune in to and direct sound to a group or an individual within the larger audience.


Friday, 15.3.2019, 9.15 - ca. 17.45 h

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks - Introduction - Modul 1

is for professionals, healers, musicians, and anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and skills on how to use sound and music to improve all aspects of their life. The theory and skills taught are inclusive and students do not have to have previous musical training. The emphasis throughout the course in on the integration of sound healing skills into all aspects of life and professional practice through direct experience guided by an understanding of modern research.

Saturday, 16.03.2019, 10,00 - Sunday 17.04.2019, 16:00

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks - Modul 2

Sound Healing and Hypnosis
with Special Emphasis on Treating Dependencies
A Sound Healing With Tuning Forks Class
With Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D, Ph.D.

The use of sound and music to induce trance states for healing and well-being is an integral component of all healing and wellness practices. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. Hypnotic suggestions, when correctly used, can alter physiology, sensations, emotions, thoughts, and behavior. During this class we will learn about trance and how to induce trance states using voice, tuning forks, music., We will then learn the how to use special hypnotic suggestions and visualizations for healing and increased wellness during sound healing. All students will learn how to use tuning forks, self hypnosis, and the basic use of hypnotic suggestions in sound healing.  Topics will include:
Five element voice and music evaluation and the healing importance of the tonality, rhythm, and flow of the spoken word in trance induction and hypnotic suggestion.
Sound, self hypnosis and how to focus your mind on specific healing outcomes using targeted suggestions.
Special hypnotic and visualization methods of working with tuning forks.
How integrate guided imagery with sound healing sessions.
Reflective listening, trance induction,
How to recognize, induce, and evaluate trance.
The history of sound, music, trance, and hypnosis in the healing arts.
During class we will focus on universal trance principles and protocols which can be creatively adapted to unique needs. Specific topics demonstrated in class will be:

1.     how to work with addictions and dependencies
2.     how to work with PTSD and trauma
3.     how to work with visionary states
4.     how to enhance performance
5.     how to meet everyday challenges i.e.: motivation, relationships, problem solving, etc.